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Sharing the life and times of Sassy C Today is Thursday, April 27, 2017

So, where were we?


Ah yes, Australian based purchased. Well, they've been expanded since last week, and two of the original purchases are hard to find image wise, so let's see what we can come up with.

Most recently, from the fantabulous Bambini Pronto, courtesy of their current Winter sale, are the following lovely Oobi items:

The ever glorious British Tweed Pants:

The oh-so-spunky Cotton Knit Vest:

(ps, i totally <3 that little boy model)

And finally, an Oobi staple, the bear beanie:

Next, we're off to the newish store, About a Boy, who used to stock girls clothes too and was previously known as I Want Fabulous, but saw a niche market in the lack of awesomeness out there for boys, and pounced on it. From About a Boy, I focussed on the ever funky Sooki Baby range:

The minimalist snapsuit (which I first thought I saw as being tagged as a girl's item, but it's not girlish at all...)

For my future little superhero,

And finally,

From Shophouse, I purchased a two pack of Oobi nappy covers (blue egg and bats) and a Bond's Pirate romper, and from PP, some jeans and long sleeved shirts for when the weather turns cool, and from Rock Your Baby, all manner of stuff with tood.

Phew, luckily, all this  has been done online, else I'd be exhausted. Lucky it's only the bank account that's tired instead.

All, for this little man who we look forward to meeting in November:

So, once again, toodle pip!


Expanding the range


I've been very good of late on the purchasing front. As you may recall, we were heading to Europe in March, so first there was the pre-emptive save of money for the trip. There wasn't too much frantic purchasing whilst away (the perils of being a craptacular packer, I'm afraid), although I did pick up a rather marvelous Catimini cardigan for Miss Sassy in paris, on sale, plus an identical one for her BFF, Miss Ninny. And a few more items from Monoprix in Paris - but after those purchases, the bag hath run out of room.


After the return from Europe, I decided that Miss Sassy had definitely enough clothes to see her through this winter, although Oobi have tested my resolve with yet another gorgeous seasonal range, and then, the day of our return to Australia,  I discovered I had once again returned from a European sojourn pregnant, so I resolved to make no baby related purchases until the gender was known.


The gender of our November anticipated arrival was made known last Tuesday, and our baby was revealed to be a little..... boy! This has opened up a whole new world of purchasing options, and I'll own to heartily exploring them last Tuesday eve (and pretty much every day since then ;)).

First cab off the rank was to finalise my Gymboree purchase. As I had done when pregnant with Miss Sassy, I had an online cart full of girls and boys clothes ready to go, only requiring the deletion of the gender not required. On the purchasing cards therefore, last Tuesday, were as follows (I won't post them all - as discovered when the parcel arrived today, there were an embarassing amount of riches order.... oops!):

Then, off to Threadless I hied:

And one I've posted before:


Coming tomorrow, my Australian based purchases.

Of course, no purchasing session is complete without some purchases for the Miss Sassy, but I'll leave those for another time. I will leave you with this, my favourite Europe picture of my little girl, with her dad:


Toodle pip!!


It's the little things....


It's sometimes hard to balance out all the awesome things that I want to buy vs need and budget. Especially when you have a short fashion attention span and like to crack out the new stuff on a regular basis.


So, it's very helpful to have a little girl in these instances, where new items needn't just be clothes. There's a wonderful world of accessories out there for little tykes, and top of my favourites list is hair accessories. It's fair to say I have a few favourites now, and today my mission is to share them with you.

Firstly, we have Flirty Bird (www.flirtybird.com.au). They were the provisioners of many of Sassy's apple themed hair accessories for our forthcoming trip (4 weeks, 1 day - not that I'm counting down or anything!), and the items purchased were as follows:

(Images courtesy of Baby's Got Style - my purchase source)

The next applicious clip came from Giddy Giddy (www.giddygiddy.com) - also purchased through Baby's Got Style):


Then, I happened to win a couple of apple clips from Little Things by Mackenzie (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Things-By-Mackenzie/171064396422) - the awesome work of a WAHM Erin:


(Sassy modelling the awesome apple clip)

Next I hit up madeit for some more hand made goodness - first up a purchase from lulufroufrou (http://lulufroufrou.blogspot.com/):

Plus another in a gorgeous pink fabric.

And then I stumbled across Calamity Bolt  and fell in love with a Tweet set of hair ties:

 (plus another pair in a flower shape).

Phew - who knew it was necessary to have hair accessories to match every item?

My next purchase will be most likely from the latest discovery - Little Choopie (www.littlechoopie.com.au) - who sell through their own website and also are now stocked via Charlipopkids (www.charlipopkids.com.au). I most want their little animals set, which appears to be currently out of stock, but I'm sure that won't be the limit of my purchase:

Awesome stuff - and even better, Little Choopie are so local to me, they share the same postcode. WIN! It's almost scary how welcoming the thought of the ability of a walk around hand delivery seems for these clips.....

Anyhow, that's my random warblings (albeit quite lengthy) for another day. Who knows where the next post will take us....

Take care xx


For the boys


Someone commented that it was lucky they didn't have girls, as I never comment on boys' stuff. It is lucky - I'd probably be much richer if I'd had a boy, but I can tell you that I'd do a stack of shopping from Threadless - the below being a small reason why:


(so cute - called "Birth Day")

And finally, perhaps my personal fave:


In other news, I found a website (www.duckcloth.com.au) which has the most phenomenal fabric collections. More than ever, I want to buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew, and then make my child all manner of awesomeness.


Little Moo, where are you?


In browsing the interwebs, as you do, I came across these awesome shoes. They were on sale, and I had a discount code, so I purchased them:

I first purchased a size six, but size six coincided in size with current Sassy footwear, so, I purchased again, in size seven. These shoes are heading to Europe and are all co-ordinatey with Sassy's red gloriously apple wardrobe for our forthcoming holiday.

I can't rave enough about these shoes - the leather is buttery, the sole is pliable and they're just so cute to boot!

I've been trying to find more Little Moo shoes, but their website www.littlemooshoes.com.au appears to be broken :( I hope they're not dead - these shoes are too good to not be made any more.....


Tuck shop lady arms


I don't know how I missed this last time I visited Akira's pages, but woooooaaaah my gooshness, love this dress:



I think it would be all things flattering to a bit of a belly. If only I had a lot of money and a lack of tuck shop lady upper arms......


Sugar, spice, and all things nice!


I don't have a girly girl - I'm quite fine with that. I always wanted a little girl full of spunk, sass and character rather than a Miss Priss. Most of the time, I'm quite happy to go the zacksidently on purpose mis-match of patterns. But, whenever I look at La Toriana, I do feel a little pang that I don't have a little miss for whom butter wouldn't melt in the mouth, and with these, I'm sure you'll understand why:


There's something about the word capelet that I just find irresistable. I wouldn't mind a couple in my own wardrobe...


Outside of the whole Tiffany's connotations, there's just something right about duck egg blue.


Perfect for every little Odile out there.

Finally, some stocking stuffers that are heading Sassy (and her two BF's and her BFF's way) which I am in total awe and squee over:

There really is a whole lot of smug awesomeness to be had when you finally finish your Christmas shopping. Even if the vast majority of it was done online.

Season's greetings all! xx


It's been a little quiet on the purchasing front of late


And then, like the storm that hit Coff's Harbour this week, the floodgates opened and the purchases were made, and made..... and made!

The first balls off the ranks were a couple of Christmas purchases for little men of Sassy's acquaintance. Where else to head for those purchases but Etsy?

For the older boy, a monster tee:


Heck, if I was going to be a monster, I'd want to be that cute!

Then, for the slightly smaller boy:

Then, as you do, I checked through my old favourites on Etsy. I tend to "favourite" items, rather than sellers, and most of the items I've favourited over the past year have been sold, but I just click on the seller link from there and see if they've got anything irresistable in their new stock.

The first item I ever favourited on Etsy was by an Australian seller. I'd seen something in one of the lift out bits of the Saturday paper that caught my eye, so I went to their website, liked what I saw and followed a link to their store. Which happened to be Etsy - and that's when the magical, marvellous minty world of Etsy was revealed to me. The item was a Holly Hobby pinafore  and it was so nostalgic. I didnt buy the item at the time, and it was soon sold and I was shattered, but since then I've kept a weather eye out for Holly Hobby items - and they're darn hard to find.

So, this week was the first time I'd revisited their store on Etsy, and miracle of miracles, they must have found a new source of Holly Hobby fabrics, and they had a whole new lot of offerings. Now, I didn't need to be told twice that these mightn't last long too, so the final Etsy purchase of the night for me was:


I'm so excited about the pending arrival of this garment and can't wait to put it on Sassy. My only concern? It's white - and white isn't great for stain recovery on this little girl,so... I'm just going to have to be super careful every time this is one - and I can see it being on a LOT over this coming summer.

To round out a night of purchases I didn't intend to make, I purchased some hair accessories from madeit.com.au - it truly is an awesome thing to have a little girl :) I purchased:


Which is to accompany Miss Ninni's Christmas present, and finally


Following this, there were some in person purchases of some Cheeky Little Soles silver ballet flats for Sassy and some other Jewel Queen hair accessories. My bank account is currently taking a moment to rest up before the forthcoming husband birthday purchases and Xmas. I think it's safe to say that Sassy will have a suitable outfit for every occasion and a suitable gift for all her little friends....


Take care all and in the words of Sassy - thank you xx


So, I wish I could....


I purchased some fabric (fabrics plural?) from Ebay a little while ago with intent to do something wonderful with them.

Problem 1: I can't sew. I wish I could however.

Problem 2: I don't have a sewing machine anyway!

However, darling child loves one fabric in particular, and I think that I really should get something made with it, especially whilst she's still small enough to make something good with it.

The fabric is this:


I've alternatively thought just a plain shift dress, or a kimono wrap style dress. Or perhaps one of those cross over back pinafore style dresses (although they tend to work best when they're reversible also). And out of those options, probably the kimono wrap or the cross back pinny would be best, because they can transition into little tops also, plus can be layered in cooler weather.

I don't know.... Anyone have any better ideas?


The bear isn't fair


There's probably one other children's clothing brand where I'd "happily" break my spending limits on.

Fred Bare

I love that they'e not afraid of colour and patterns and... different shapes. Each season, there are multiple pieces I want to own. For Sassy! And yet, happy though I am to break the spend limit for them, they push the boundaries just a little far in terms of prices. So I anxiously await sales time and hope that the item I want is still available. And then convince myself it truly is much cheaper on sale. I'm currently desiring:


She needs a silk dress? Surely!


Owl - check. Gorgeous - check. But c'mon Fred Bare - $55 for a children's tshirt? nooooo.

I will admit I'm tempted to break my price barrier for this tshirt, which I think is all things gorgeous. I LOVE it. The only thing holding me back?.... It's white. And Sassy is her mother's daughter !

Once again, I depart with a hearty *sigh*

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